MUR Department of Excellence 2023-2027

DISCI has been recognised as a Department of Excellence for 2023-2027

What is a Department of Excellence

Departments of Excellence are identified and financed by MUR every five years as the best 180 departments of State universities. These departments stand out for the quality of the research produced and the quality of the development project submitted.

Territories of Memory: excellence of the Department of History and Cultures in 2023-2027

The project is part of Memory Studies, a field characterised internationally by the relationship between historical research and empirical investigation of memory practices and by a multidisciplinary approach, combining the work of historians, geographers, anthropologists and scholars of political doctrines.

The aim of the project is to strengthen and converge lines of research already active in Memory Lab, a unique laboratory in Italy capable of enhancing trans-disciplinary dialogue and the activation of important synergies with partner institutions in territories of memory and heritage management.

Finally, the project will have a major impact on society as a result of integrated research and teaching activities.