Archaeological missions

The archaeological dig activities are a big part of the teaching formation that the Department offers the students. The pratical formation on the ground leans on other programmed dig projects and on emergency digs brought forward by the Archaeological Authorities, from other Universities, Civic Museums and other research centres, in Italy and outwith. Students from foreign Universities often work with Italian students, participating in programmes like Erasmus and Socrates. The digs and the searches are supported, other than the University of Bologna and the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, fincanced y FIRB and PRIN from the Ministry of Teaching, the University and Research and contributions from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  • Archaeological missions in Italy

    The archeological digs and the topographical recognitions in Italy span from pre and proto history to the Italian phase to the late ancient and medieval period.

  • Foreign achaeological missions

    In the international field the Department's research activities are shown by the dig missions in sites of great importance, in the Mediterranean and in the Near East and Central Asia.

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