Archaeological missions in Italy

The archeological excavations and the topographical recognitions in Italy span from pre and proto history to the Italian phase to the late ancient and medieval period

Overview Map

The extra-urban craft area outside Porta V (QAV)

Agrigento (Sicily)

The ruins of the Ceparano castle

Brisighella (Ravenna)

The ruins of the Rontana castle

Brisighella (Ravenna)

The necropolis of Contrada San Nicola - Giglia

Chiaramonte Gulfi (RG)

The archaeological area of Spina

Comacchio (Ferrara)

The site of Contrada Nevola necropolis

Corinaldo (Ancona)

The Archeaolgical area of Pian di Miseno

Marzabotto (Bologna)

The late-republican Sanctuary

Monte Rinaldo (FM)

The Bronze Age village at Mursia

Mursia (Island of Pantelleria - Trapani, Sicily)

The nuraghe of Tanca Manna

Nuoro (Sardinia)

The Middle Cedrino Valley

Oliena and Dorgali (Nuoro, Sardinia)

The archaeological site of The Villa del Casale

Piazza Armerina (Enna, Sicily)

The archaeological site of Roca Vecchia

Roca Vecchia (Lecce)

The archaeological site "I Pini"

Sirolo (Ancona)

Via Ordiere, a Bronze Age settlement in Romagna

Solarolo (Ravenna)

The ruins of the sanctuary of Monte Sant'Angelo

Terracina (Latina)

The Natural Reserve of Torre Guaceto (Brindisi) where the Bronze Age necropolis is located

Torre Guaceto (Brindisi)