The Department is involved in many institutional public engagement, asset management and public health initiatives. Heir to the activities of the various departments that came together in its foundation, DiSCi currently boasts institutional projects rooted in the territory and of international aims, as well as collaboration with numerous public and private stakeholders. The Department also promotes various types of events organised by individual professors or working groups, including interdisciplinary ones, aimed at enhancing and disseminating knowledge and aimed at the widest possible audience. Conferences, Workshops and Seminar Cycles are also listed here, as they are part of the actions focused on opening university facilities to citizenship, related to the objective 34 of principle 3 of the University Strategic Plan 2022-2027.

  • Conferences, Workshops and Ongoing Seminar

    Meetings organized by the Department or in which the Department is a partner, starting from 2019.

  • Health protection initiatives

    The Department carries out public health activities aimed at improving the objective and perceived quality of life of the population. A particular focus is on on observational studies to analyse the quality of care, care profiles and their economic impact.

  • Archaeological Missions and Third Missions

    Archaeological excavation activities and field research are a fundamental part of the Department of History and Cultures’ scientific research. Each project, whether in Italy or abroad, involves public engagement objectives aimed primarily at organising initiatives to promote, consult about and share research as identified by the University. The results and impact of the research activity have also resulted in the development of heritage management, open education and inclusion projects addressed to various audiences.

  • Temporary Exhibition

    Temporary exhibitions organised by or of which the Department's members are part of the committee, starting from 2019.

  • Museums and Heritage Management

    The Department actively collaborates in the management of the “Luigi Fantini” Civic Archaeological Museum in Monterenzio. In addition, the collaboration with museum institutions takes place through educational projects aimed at schools and public engagement.

  • Other events and initiatives

    Film screenings, presentations of books and series, presentations of projects, festivals, health protection initiatives, websites and online dissemination events organised by the Department or in which it is a partner.