Archaeological Missions Abroad

In the international field the Department's research activities are shown by the dig missions in sites of great importance, in the Mediterranean and in the Near East and Central Asia




Map of the foreign archaeological missions

Aswan-Kom Ombo (Egypt)

The region involved in the AKAP activities

Butrint (Albania)

The Butrint archaeological area

Gortina (Greece)

The area involved in the activities of the Project Mitropolis

Karkemish (Turkey)

The Karkamış Höyük (ancient Karkemish) archaeological site

Kos (Greece)

The ruins of the St. Stephen's Basilica

Ra’s al-Hadd, Sultanate of Oman

The archaeological area

Phoinike (Albania)

The archaeological area of Phoinike

Stancija Blek (Tar-Vabrega, Istria-Croazia)

Tarovec - Torre Vecchio

Togolok 1 (Turkmenistan)

TAP - Togolok Archaeological Project