Laboratory for the study of archeological materials

Via S. Vitale 13/30, Ravenna

The department has two specific Laboratories in Bologna and in the U.O.S. in Ravenna, where they take turns in conserving resources from digs and that are used to experiment specific techniques for the analysis of artefacts, from the design executed according to the normal ways for archaeological representation to the indexing of single pieces.

The lab in the U.O.S. in Ravenna can be found on the ground floor of Casa Traversari. The space si equipped for teaching and research connected to different study projects regarding resources coming from the digs directed by teachers from the Archaeology Section of the department.

The equipment for drawing artefacts available are:

  • Profilometers for the acquisition of profiles
  • Callipers
  • 2 Microscopes

Teaching laboratories are held here, for drawing and indexing archaeological artefacts, divided by time period (from the bronze age to the late ancient age) and laboratories connected to Bioarcheology: Botanical archaeology, zoological archaeology and funerary archaeology.