Via Zamboni 38, Bologna

The building in Via Zamboni 38 is currently inside the historic Palazzo Riario.

Some History

The Palazzo Riario from the 500', was almost completely reconstructed at the end of the 60', was the branch for the department of Philosophy and Literature from Bologna University until 2012 and from 1969, on the fourth floor, it was home to the Ancient History Institute from the moment of it's foundation. The institute, which became the Department of Ancient History in 1986, was literally cut into the building with the construction of a wall towards the left part of the large corridor from the second floor and the successive acquisitions of the small areas to left and right of the corridor and of the acquisitions on the fifth floor thanks to the sectioning of the corridor and the rooms. Following this they gaioned the Tibileti classroom and then again in the 90' more studies on the fith floor were left by the Philosophy Department, the entire sixth floor was left by the Oriental and Linguistic studies Department, the Celio room and lastly by the studies overlooking Via Zamboni that belonged to the building known as number 36.

What you can find

In Via Zamboni 38 you can find:

  • The Sala Marco Celio
  • The laboratories for the Ancient History Section
  • The Ancient History Library: Books and specialist manuals for studiny and researching all areas of Ancient times, from the Epigraphy, Numismatics and Papyrology.

How to reach us

The building, is right in the centre and is easy to reach by bus from the train station (Bologna Centrale) using TPER lines.