Interlibrary loan and document delivery

The library offers ILL and DD services. The ILL service requires the payment of a fee; instead, the DD service is free, but only if it is via Nilde. Requests have to be sent via email.



ILL-DD for libraries

ILL is free only for institutions that have signed an agreement or other contract with the Library
- DD: free in PDF format
- ILL: 6 euros or 1 IFLA full

ILL-DD for university students or professors

The service is only for graduating or phd students, and professors of the Department of History and Cultures.
If you are required to pay we will let you know before going ahead. If you agree to the charge, we will send you a payment summary with instructions of how to pay.


Refund can be made by IFLA voucher or bank transfer to the account:

1.  For private institutions and single persons

Registration: Alma Mater Studiorum-Università di Bologna – DISCI – IBAN: IT13J0623002402000057854768, N. sottoconto 7234, agenzia Crédit Agricole Italia S.p.A, via Marconi 16 (Bologna)
Reason: Rimborso ILL - DISCI - cod. A10.R4 

2.  For public instiutions

Registration: Alma Mater Studiorum-Università di Bologna – Conto Tesoreria Unica: 037200 - IBAN: IT08N0100003245240300037200 – Codice Univoco IPA: 7JVFVM - Codice anagrafe U-GOV: 000981
Reason: Rimborso ILL - DISCI - cod. A10.R4 

Last update 3 april 2024