Gaggio Montano (Bologna)

Research and dissemination at the Bronze Age and Etruscan site of Monte della Croce.

Coordinator / Mission Manager

Claudio Cavazzuti

Field of research and classifications

Archaeological disciplines from prehistory to the medieval age

VRA: area 10

ERC: SH 6, The study of the human past: archaeology, history and memory

SDGs: 4 Quality of Education (SDG).

Prevalent type of public engagement

projects to valorise/promote the local area.


In agreement with the municipality of Gaggio Montano and the Unione dei comuni dell'Alto Reno (Union of municipalities of the Upper Reno), the Coordinator carries out intensive dissemination activities aimed at disseminating the research results to the public through guided tours of the site and excavation.

Locations and periods

Citizen involvement and dissemination activities took place during the excavation (21 August-30 September 2023). The same type of initiative will be carried out throughout the year on a regular basis (approximately every three months).

In addition, a commencement conference was held on 11 August 2023 at Santa Maria Villiana. The agreement with the municipality of Gaggio Montano, pending the signing of an agreement with the DISCI, the Metropolitan City of Bologna and the municipality itself, envisages the dissemination of archaeology, and mountain archaeology in particular, to primary, middle and high schools in the Upper Reno area.

The programme of activities also includes a conference in November 2023 and demonstration and experimental archaeology activities open to the public in May 2024.