Sirolo (AN)

"I Pini" Project

Coordinator/ Mission Manager

Vincenzo Baldoni

Research Scope and Classifications

Archaeological disciplines from prehistory to the medieval period

VRA: area 10

ERC: SH3 Environment, space, and population: environmental studies, geography, demography, migrations, regional and urban studies; SH6, The study of the human past: archaeology, history, and memory

SDG: 4) Quality education; 10) Reduced inequalities; 11) Sustainable cities and communities; 15) Life on land; 17) Partnerships for the goals.

Primary Type of Public Engagement

Organization of initiatives for enhancement, knowledge, and research sharing.


The project, which involves non-invasive investigation and excavation of a 6th-5th century BC Picene necropolis, has involved the collaboration of numerous students, specialized trainees, and doctoral candidates from the University of Bologna (F. Boschi), MIC (SABAP AN PU), as well as the Municipality of Sirolo since its first year of activity (2020). Research activities have been complemented by promotional activities, particularly events targeting the general public. Conferences and open-site visits have been organized, during which research results were presented and the activities conducted on site were showcased, with the direct involvement of students from the University of Bologna engaged in the project.

The area under investigation is part of a broader project aimed at promoting the archaeological heritage of the region by creating a itinerary that includes various archaeological finds, reconstructions of Picene residential and productive structures, and the State Antiquarium of Numana (Archeodromo del Conero). This project involves the collaboration of local entities (municipalities, the Conero Park Authority), the Superintendency, and research institutions.

Locations and Periods

Public meetings focused on the excavations conducted by the University of Bologna have taken place at the "Cortesi" Theater and "I Pini" archaeological area in Sirolo. The meetings were held annually during the final period of research activities (September-October).

Collaborations and Partners

Municipality of Sirolo (Mayor), SABAP AN PU (Dr. S. Finocchi), Conero Park, University of Bologna (V. Baldoni and staff with specific roles: F. Boschi for non-invasive investigations, E. Zampieri for topography, M. Natalucci for materials; students).

Objectives and Engaged Audiences

The meetings organized in this site have allowed citizens and tourists to become acquainted with the archaeological area and, more generally, the development of the entire necropolis under investigation, previously familiar to the public only in relation to the better-known complex of T. della Regina. These activities have also provided an opportunity for numerous tourists to learn more about the history of the region, which has been appreciated primarily for its natural beauty and as a seaside resort. The meetings have showcased the main field activities conducted by archaeologists, including the scientific objectives of the research and its key findings. Additionally, some elements of the funerary assemblages found in the site’s tombs have been presented.

Impact and Evaluation Tools

Interest in the archaeological area and the investigations being conducted there can be observed both through the local community and tourists’ participation in enhancement initiatives and in the appearance of numerous press articles/online publications and coverage on TV/social media channels. The mediatic visibility of events and initiatives for disseminating information about the archaeological heritage of the Sirolo-Numana area demonstrates renewed interest in the cultural and historical wealth of the region, including among tourists. The initiatives promoted in the mission are part of a broader project by local entities aimed at destigmatizing tourist flows. The recent creation of the Archeodromo, which includes the "I Pini" area, will contribute to increasing knowledge about the archaeological heritage of the region. The initiatives organized here have received significant attention from the public; the community is demonstrably interested in learning about the research conducted at the archaeological site. The Municipality of Sirolo supports the University's research by hosting the University of Bologna team and actively collaborating in promotional activities.


Picene, funerary archaeology, public archaeology, non-invasive investigations.