Solarolo (RA)

Via Ordiere, a Bronze Age settlement in Romagna

Coordinator/ Mission Manager

Claudio Cavazzuti

Field of research and classifications

Archaeological disciplines from prehistory to the medieval period

VRA: area 10

ERC: SH 6, The study of the human past: archaeology, history, and memory

SDG: 4) Quality education

Prevalent type of public engagement

Involvement and interaction activities with the school community


In collaboration with the Municipality of Solarolo and Union of Faenza, the directors of the Solarolo excavation (previously Cattani, since 2019 Cavazzuti) engage in intensive outreach activities aimed at disseminating research results to the public. This includes guided tours of the site and excavation as well as the use of experimental archaeology to demonstrate the manufacturing processes and technologies employed by the communities of the 2nd millennium BC. This partnership with the municipality and local primary and middle schools was established many years ago (2013) and has become a well-established relationship.

After the end of the COVID emergency, visits resumed during the excavation campaign in May 2023. Additionally, a selection of materials uncovered during the excavations has been displayed in the council chamber of the Municipality of Solarolo, also accessible to the public.

Locations and Periods

Guided tours of the site and materials laboratory take place during or immediately after the excavation campaign. In 2022 they were held in early October, while for the current year they are scheduled for the month of May.