Landscape of Mobility and Memory

Project Montalcini

Through the millennia, mobility has dramatically affected lives and trajectories of social change, profoundly influencing humans and the way they inhabited the landscape all over the world. Despite the acknowledgement of the periodic recurrence throughout history of the movement of people, the importance of the past and its memory in shaping the social responses to mobility has been rarely highlighted. Through the study of a case study located in Salento, at the site of Rocavecchia where population mobility is documented over a very long period of time to the present day, this project sets out to explore via a combination of an intensive diachronic archaeological survey and an ethnographic investigation, the crucial nexus between mobility, landscape and memory.

Project duration

Unibo Team Leader, National Coordinator
Francesco Iacono


Università di Ghent

Università di Barcellona

Università del Salento

Università di Siena

 37.000 euro

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