Nevola River Valley (Ancona)

ArcheoNevola Project - Research, survey and archaeological excavation in the Picene and Roman necropolis of Corinaldo, and across the Nevola River Valley.

Phase of the archaeological dig

Archaeological mission coordinator/director

Federica Boschi

Research Area and ERC Panels

Starting date of the campaign and duration

The project started in 2017 and the archaeological digs campaign in the necropolis of Corinaldo, Nevola locality (licensed by MIBAC), since 2018.


ArcheoNevola is a multidisciplinary project which applies methodologies of territorial investigation and mapping, mainly non-invasive, for the diachronic analysis of the Nevola river Valley, in northern Marche. This is a landscape still scarcely known in its archaeology and history, especially for the settlement dynamics occurred during the Iron Age. Recent integrated aerial and geophysical surveys played a key role in the discovery and interpretation of a Picene orientalising necropolis, composed by three large circular ditches, as well as in the strategy’s definition of a planning permission and construction operation, scheduled nearby the site. The archaeological digs started in 2018, led by resistivity and geomagnetic surveys, have brought to the light a princely tomb of a Piceni’s leader, fostering continuous feedbacks between geophysics and stratigraphic check, with mutual advantages for the in-depth analysis and interpretation of the different data.

The earliest funerary nucleus is flanked by a Roman necropolis, the exploration of which is equally important for the reconstruction of the ancient funerary landscape and of its relationship, topographical and ideological, with the pre-existing burial area.


The Nevola River Valley

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