Political Cuisine. The language of food between social practices and ideological representation.

PRIN 2015

Food is a form of language that loads the nutritional act of multiple meanings. This project intends to analyze the "political" dimension of this language, in two main ways. A more general one: food as a sign of belonging to a community (being and feeling a citizen of a "polis"). A more specific one: the actions implemented by public authorities to manage and define the relationship with citizens (or subjects). Taking advantage of the extraordinary interdisciplinary potentialities of the subject addressed, the project brings together specialists from different scientific sectors, configuring themselves in an anomalous way with respect to the traditional academic practice; in fact it moves between history, anthropology, semiotics, philosophy and the history of art with different but complementary approaches.

Project duration

Unibo Team Leader, Scientific responsible for the Department, National coordinator
Massimo Montanari

Other departments involved

Dipartimento delle Arti

Università di Palermo

Università di Scienze Gastronomiche (Pollenzo)


Euro 210.000 (of which 130,000 for the Bologna Operating Unit)

Research areas
Medieval history
Contemporary history
History of medieval art (DAR)
Philosophy (Università di Scienze Gastronomiche)
Semiotics (Università di Palermo)
History of modern art (Università di Palermo)

Erc Sectors: