The power of image and word. Distinctive signs of the female aristocracy in Late Antiquity and Byzantium

Almaidea Grant junior

The project intends to deepen the theme of the social position of women in the Late Antiquity and Byzantine world (6th-15th centuries), focusing on some case studies in the Italic and near-eastern area. The survey will adopt a transdisciplinary and transcultural methodological approach: through a comparative examination of historical, archaeological, epigraphic and historical-artistic sources we intend to deepen the complex meaning of the distinctive signs of the aristocratic female status, based on systems of symbols and conventions that are transmitted and decoded within the reference companies. The deepening of some specific areas (dress and personal ornament, representation of the emerging classes, funerary ritual) will allow us to delineate the physiognomy of the female aristocratic class through the different manifestations of her social status in public expression. The results of the research will be sent to a web portal dedicated to the project.

Project duration
2017, 28 Jan.- 2019, 28 Jan. (2 years)

Unibo Team Leader
Beatrice Girotti

National Coordinator
Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna (Italy)

2nd level Erc sectors

SH5 Cultures and Cultural Production: Literature, philology, cultural studies, anthropology, arts, philosophy” (8 III livello):

SH5_10 - Cultural heritage, cultural identities and memories

SH6 The Study of the Human Past: Archaeology and history” (12 III livello):

SH6_2 - Archaeology, archaeometry, landscape archaeology

SH6_11 - Gender history