History Graduates Career Workshop

Orario aggiornato: 13 e 15 gennaio: 17-19, 14 gennaio: 18 - 20

  • Data: dal 13 gennaio 2021 alle 17:00 al 15 gennaio 2021 alle 19:00

  • Luogo: Piattaforma Online https://site.unibo.it/history-graduates/en/workshop

This workshop aims at selecting a number of research proposals and have them peer-reviewed by an international team of junior and senior scholars. We believe that discussing projects in a network of scholars from different academic environments can help improving one’s projects and make them more meaningful in an international context. https://site.unibo.it/history-graduates/en/workshop

13 e 15 gennaio: 17-19

14 gennaio: 18 - 20

Partecipano studenti, laureandi, dottorandi, post-doc e docenti delle tre Univeristà del progetto: Università di Bologna, University of California- Berekeley, College of Staten Island City University of New York, Université de Montreal.

A cura di:
Dipartimento di Storia Culture Civiltà sez. Storia Antica

In collaborazione con:
University of California Berekeley, Université de Montreal, City University of New York

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