Urbanized landscapes in early Syro-Mesopotamia and prehispanic Mesoamerica

International Colloquium

  • Data: dal 09 febbraio 2015 alle 14:30 al 10 febbraio 2015 alle 13:00

  • Luogo: Aula Prodi of the Department of History and Cultures, Piazza San Giovanni in Monte 2, Bologna, Italy


9th February, h 14.30

  • Gary Feinman (Chicago), The comparative investigation of early urbanized landscapes: an interdisciplinary reframing
  • David Wengrow (London), Cities before the state in early Eurasia
  • Nicolò Marchetti (Bologna), Conceptualizing urbanized landscapes in early Syro-Mesopotamia

10th February, h 9.30

  • Davide Domenici (Bologna), Beyond Dichotomies: Comparing Mesoamerican Urban Societies
  • Nikolai Grube (Bonn), Low-population cities and invisible bureaucracies: Were Maya kingdoms states?
  • Norman Yoffee (Santa Fe), "The Evolution of Urban Society" today: Robert Adams in and for a new century

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    Supporting Institutions

    Department of History and Cultures and Specialization School on Archaeological Heritage, with the patronage of the Institute for Higher Studies.